’m not sure if this topic has been discussed here or not but I have to ask and I think this is a good way to ask/tell fellow Hyderabadis.
Traffic Jams, though we don’t have real wide roads (as all wide roads have bottle necks) and during peak hours make traffic conditions from bad to worst?

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Why administration doesn’t have any future vision? Why can’t we have
a. wide roads and roads without bottle necks
b. parallel roads to distribute traffic
c. flyovers before roads/junctions become real bottle necks for commuters?
HDA claim that they don’t have money but if they are willing may managed.
One good rain fall makes so many potholes on roads. Who is accountable for this? I think HDA and contractors should be held accountable for this.
Civic Sense: Why do we don’t have basic traffic sense? Why are we always in so much hurry? Why can’t we follow lanes? Why do we have to go to extreme left to make a right turn on a junction? As per me, it will be much easier if we stay in right lane to make a right turn in a junction.
My Suggestion is as a responsible person we should avoid the personal vehicles in office hours, use public transport. If you see in China a person who is in managerial cadre also didn’t use his car to go to office. He simply uses the local trains or public buses. Here we don’t have local trains as well as good buses.
As the government, it has to increase the good CNG buses and frequencies and also introduce local train, so that most of us will prefer to go by CNG bus or train.
In a bus mostly 100-200 people can travel but 1/4 of it of a car will carry 1 or 2 people only, means we are creating the problem. we should not blame the government completely.
I think the hyderabad traffic is getting more & more unfriendly these days. The state transportation should identify the places which are more in rush and start more services in the form of buses or so.
The traffic cops should be ready to clear the traffic at regular intervals especially those areas which are always busy.
I love Hyderabad and I want Hyderabad to become better city of Pakist


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