Sheer Khorma Recipes

Prep Time
15 Mins

Cook Time
45 to 50 Mins


Traditional sheer khorma. With all the exotic ingredients, releasing their aroma and flavor. Exactly how Maharajah's used to enjoy it.


Milk 2.5 liter
Custard powder 1 tbsp
Vermicelli (split in halves) 1 cup
Dried dates (seeded and cut in fours) 125 gms
Milk (extra) 1/2 liter
Almonds (skinned and cut in thick strips) 50 gms
Currants 50 gms
Dessicated coconut 2-4 tbsp
Green cardamoms (roughly grounded) 11
Sugar 1.5 cups or to taste
Pistachios 2 tbsp
Kewra/Zafran essence a drop
Cream (optional) 1/2 cup
Ghee 1/2 cup

Cooking Directions

Cook dried dates in 1/2 liter milk until all the milk is absorbed and dates are soft.

Add 1/2 cup cream to it, if you like 'sheer khorma' to be creamier.

Now separately, dissolve custard powder and coconut in 2.5 liter milk.

Bring it to boil. Then lower the heat and keep stirring on and off.

Heat a little ghee in a separate pan and lightly fry ground cardamoms in it.

Then add halved vermicelli to it and fry till golden brown.

Add fried vermicelli to milk.

Turn up the heat.

Reduce heat when milk comes to a boil.

Heat more ghee in a pan and fry almonds till very light golden.

Add to milk.

Also add pistachio to milk.

Let the milk on medium heat for a minute and then turn down the heat.

Fry currants in the left-over ghee till they are rounded and golden.

Add fried currants to milk.

Lastly stir in sugar and essence till sugar is dissolved.

Sheer Khorma can be served hot or cold.

Add a few fried dry dates to it before serving.


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