Hotel Indus is one of the most beautiful hotels of Pakistan, located in a highly expensive area of Hyderabad, Pakistan on main VIP road known as Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah (Thandi Sarak).  Hyderabad is 5th largest and most fastly expanding  city of Pakistan having population of more than 1.5 Millions. It is surrounded by 5 very  big thickly populated districts of Hyderabad Division. Niaz Stadium is just opposite the hotel, Rani Bagh, Sindh Public Service Commission, Shahbaz Building, Circuit House, Banks, KFC are at walking distance.  While Pizza Hut is located in the Hotel. 

Thandi Sarak, Hyderabad,
Sindh, Pakistan
Phone: +92.22.2781903-4
Fax #:  +92.22.2782397
Hotel Logo is Blind Dolphin, as Blind Dolphin is found only in IndusRiver, which has given name to this Hotel. Due to location, hospitality and facilities, it always remains booked.  Virtually all V.I.P. functions are arranged in the Hotel. Highest Government dignitaries including President of Pakistan, Prime Ministers, Diplomats and other eminent people have visited the hotel and have appreciated the services and facilities from time to time. In fact it is the only best hotel in the entire province of Sindh minus Karachi. The Indus Hotel provides the finest personal service and facilities throughout. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed and the ambiance embraces the uniqueness of the local culture. The variety of food & services offered will enable you to create your own experience.

Thandi Sarak,
Telephone #:
+92 (22) 2781903-4, 2782514-5, +92.302.8372514
Fax #: +92 (22) 2782397, 2780324


WELL some people might think and say what in the world I am talking about while SINDH Pakistan is worst hit by Super Floods and Hyderabad is hosting more than 90 thousand flood victims being displaced from all over Sindh and many many Relief Camps are set up in Hyderabad Sindh.
Which makes a valid point; Hyderabad has a very central, geographic location in Sindh and we all know about this.
After this Epic Disaster has hit Sindh so many International NGOS, Foreign Dignitaries, and UN officials have been visiting Hyderabad to visit and have ground assessments and establish relief work and they are disappointed to know that 2nd largest city and a great metropolis of Sindh “HYDERABAD” does not have a 5 Star Hotel to accommodate all these guests and their specific requirements and needs. Imagine the commute of these visitors back and forth to Karachi.
Which only makes it impossible to do any kind of work and establish relief operation center. What a LOSS & SHAME !!!
So far INDUS HOTEL the only hotel in our city of International standards is completely overbooked and extremely busy all the times. Then Hotel City Gate and Hotel Faran are left to cater the needs but not enough as they do not have those International Standards and are not capable to handle such kind of guests.
It is a great embarrassment for the citizens as well as for our beloved city to lack such an important facility in such a big Metropolis City of Hyderabad Sindh. It only adds misery to over all image of our city when we cannot accommodate visitors of high caliber in our city. Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing, and expanding city of South Asia.
We also have heard a million times same complaint from ICC (International Cricket Council), Sports Board and other major organizations due to lack of 5 Star Hotel in the city no major international sports event can be held here.
And Now This Epic Flood Disaster once again highlighted this great need of the city one more time.
I just don’t understand the BLOCKAGES OF RED-TAPE when it comes to any thing attached to Modernize Hyderabad Sindh. We all know that process of building a 5 star Hotel in Hyderabad Sindh got started.
Location was finalized (Next to Niaz Stadium), Land was approved, Bidding and Tender process was announced in Feb,2010.
And then a DEEP FREEZE, COMPLETE SILENCE !!! And i am sure this project file must be eating dust on some dark shelf !!
I also noticed in the news that one French Hotel Company was very much interested in building a 5 Star Hotel in Hyderabad Sindh.
I kindly urge the Private Sector to come forward and please Build, Own, and Operate a 5 Star Hotel in Hyderabad Sindh.
It is Urgently needed in our city. Building of such Hotel will help every one from Poor to Rich of our city.
It will not just enhance our International Image, But will provide new employment and development opportunities to my fellow citizens of Hyderabad Sindh.

Thanks for taking your time,


Javed Akhter District Hyderabad city Blog.

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More Details Of Hyderabad City.

Hyderabad Fort or ‘Packo Qilo’: One of the 'must do' in Hyderabad is to see the historic Hyderabad Fort or ‘Packo Qilo’. Though the ‘Packo Qilo’ is not well maintained and in worst condition due to negligence, it is something one must not miss to see from outside. There is nothing to see inside as most of the area inside the compound has been inhabited by people who migrated from India in mass exchange of populations in 1947. The main gate of the fort and one building of the Talpur Mirs is still there for visitors to see and take photographs.
Sindh Museum: The Sindh Museum has many nice items on display which depict the history and heritage of Sindh and Indus Valley Civilization. Items from various ruling periods of Sindh, including Sama, Soomra, Kalhora and Talpur periods can be found in the museum.
Old Houses of Hirabad and Amil Colony: These areas are not well kept and victim of unorganized haphazard development in post-1947 period. However, one can still see the buildings or pre-1947 times with wonderful architecture and facades. The streets of these areas were washed with water containing rose and sandalwood essences in pre-1947 British times.
The River Indus: See the River Indus, especially in the months of late July and August, when it flows full and weather is cloudy due to Monsoon season. It is worth to go there and eat fried or grilled ‘Pallo’ fish.
Badshahi Bungalow (Kings Bungalow): It is wonderful palace of Prince Mir Hassan Ali Khan Talpur, the son of the last ruler of Hyderabad, His Highness Mir Naseer Khan Talpur. It is owned by one of his descendent. His permission and appointment is required to see it from inside. However, one can see it from outside anytime. It is located a Tando of Talpur Mir near Latifabad Unit No. 4. If one can get appointment, one can have chat with Talpur Mirs and also see the palace from inside.
Resham Ghiti and Shahi Bazaar: The visitor of Hyderabad must go to see and shop in these narrow lane bazaars which are several kilometers long . The word Shahi is derived from the word 'Shah' which means 'kings'. This bazaar is known as Shahi Bazaar because it was first established by Kalhora ruler who, when changed the capital of Sindh from Khudabad to Hyderabad, persuaded many traders to come and start trading at this bazaar. It starts from the very gate of the Packo Qilo Fort and extends up to the Naval Rai Clock Tower. The Reshm Ghati is lateral extension of Shahi Bazaar. Large variety of glass bangles, Sindhi 'Kundan' gold jewellery as well as imitation jewellery can be bought from Resham Ghiti.
A similar extension of Shahi Bazaar, albeit with different kind of shops is the Chhotki Ghiti, located at some distance from the ReshamGhiti. Electronics,electric items and crockery shops can be found in the Chhotki Ghiti.
The Bombay Bakery: In Hyderabad, a visit to the Bombay Bakery is 'a must'. Try its speciality cakes. The Macaroon cake is their speciality, however, plain cake, coffee and chocolate cakes are equally wonderful in taste. One can keep these cakes for two weeks or more. Many bakeries have tried to copy the flavor and taste of the Bombay Bakery cakes but failed. They also make three types of cookies. The Bombay Bakery is located at a very convenient place in the Cantonment Shopping area.

Sindhi topi (traditional cap)
Garbi cloth
Lungi cloth
Glass bangles
Kundan gold Jewellery
Imitation jewellery
Sindhi Jandi Furniture (lacquered with mostly red color background with many designs in the foreground)

==Eat== * pan hyderabad famous pan at paka kila chowk

Bombay Bakery cakes
Grilled Pallo Fish at the Jamshoro bridge food stalls on the banks of River Indus
Pallay jo Pulah is rice with Pallo Fish
Fried Kur'ro Fish
Chicken Karhai - the most common fried chicken in the city
Lamb Sajji in nearby Tando Adam town (little more than one hour driving distance)
Haji Rabri (Hyderabad's famous speciality sweet - plenty of shops around City Gate PAKA KILA )

However, KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are also available in the city

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Photo of Marriage.

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